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Oct 29 '12

I’m noticing a lot of people on Tumblr and Twitter joking about Hurricane Sandy/Frankenstorm because “Hurricane Irene/Lee was nothing.”






Irene and Lee caused horrific flooding and devastation in Pennsylvania, New York, and Vermont?

Yes, parts of the country weren’t hit as hard as they said they would be.

Other parts still haven’t recovered.

(And before anyone accuses me of not having a sense of humor, I think the Hurricane Sandy meme going around is great. What an unfortunately named storm.)

Sep 16 '11
Aug 31 '11


Flooding in upstate New York due to Hurricane Irene.  Top image I took a few years ago.  Bottom image sent from someone via text. 

Proof that Hurricane Irene wasn’t “nothing.”

I saw this comparison on our local news and have been looking everywhere for the pictures.